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Mistakes to Avoid with Automatic Transmissions

Automatic transmissions can be more convenient than manual transmissions for some people, but you should know how to use yours properly. Knowing what not to do can help you avoid transmission problems ...
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Common Questions About Timing Belts

What starts out as a minor engine problem in San Ramon, CA can end up developing into something much more serious if you don’t take care of it quickly. Your timing belts are among the many ...
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When to Schedule a Transmission Flush

It’s helpful to flush out your transmission in San Ramon, CA every once in a while, but how do you know when it’s time? Aside from keeping to a maintenance schedule, there are a few signs ...
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Reducing the Risk of Accidents with Restored Headlights

There’s no reason to wait until you get into an accident to seek car repair in San Ramon, CA. Dimming, faulty, or broken headlights can make for dangerous driving conditions, and these ...
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Walt's Danville Service

You have a few different options when it comes to engine repair in San Ramon, CA, and it’s up to you to determine how you want to handle your issue. While rebuilding and replacing can both be ...
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What Is a STAR Station?

In order to legally register and drive a car in the state of California, you must make sure that your vehicle passes smog regulations. At Walt’s Danville Service, we are thrilled to be a leading ...
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Why Is My Car Shaking While Idling?

When your car’s engine is functioning properly, your vehicle should operate smoothly in all of its various driving modes. A top sign that your car may need serious engine repair is when your car ...
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A Look at Auto Maintenance According to Mileage

Whether you drive a brand new car or you rely on your trusted high-mileage vehicle, it is important to bring your ride into the auto shop for regular car repair. A facility that specializes in car ...
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How Do Automatic Transmissions Work?

Your car’s transmission is one of its most important components. In this video, you will learn the basics of how automatic transmissions work to move vehicles forward. An automatic transmission ...
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Do You Have a Bad Alternator?

Your alternator is one of the many mechanical elements of your vehicle that helps keep you on the road, so it’s crucial that you look into car repair in San Ramon, CA once you suspect ...
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Transmission Problems? Don't Wait for Repairs

The decision to seek transmission repair in San Ramon, CA is one that can save you a great deal of trouble in the future and even extend the working life of your vehicle. You can’t seek repair ...
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The Benefits of a Rebuilt Engine

A bad engine is a serious problem that you will need to deal with as soon as possible, but your engine mechanic in San Ramon, CA should know just what to do. He or she can rebuild your engine, which ...
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Diagnosing Automotive Problems

Even if you’re not all that savvy when it comes to automotive issues, you can often tell when it’s time to think about car repair in San Ramon, CA. Some problems are much more serious than ...
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Tips for Choosing New Tires

Buying new tires is a significant investment for any driver. Whether you notice that your current tires are worn out, or are seeking seasonal tires for certain driving conditions, you will have many ...
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How to Choose a Reliable Mechanic

An engine problem can quickly put a halt to your daily driving routine. If you are having engine maintenance issues, you will want to visit a mechanic that specializes in rebuilt engines. When you ...
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Why Your Transmission Is Slipping

A slipping transmission is a very common transmission problem. When you start to notice that your car cannot stay in the proper gear, a slipping transmission may be to blame. When you bring your car ...
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Why You Shouldn't Ignore the Signs of Engine Problems

Engine problems can be disastrous for any driver. Whether your vehicle is high in mileage or relatively new, you will want to bring your car in to the mechanic at the first indication of an engine ...
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Breaking Down the Symptoms of Transmission Issues

When your car is experiencing transmission problems, a seemingly minor issue can become a major repair emergency very quickly. To help avoid the need for extensive transmission repair in San Ramon, ...
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How Your Transmission Works

Learning about how your transmission works will help you become a safer and more educated driver. When you watch this video, you will take a peek at the major components of your car’s ...
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What to Do About Your Check Engine Light

Your car’s check engine light is an early warning signal for a potential mechanical issue in your vehicle. While some check engine light problems are very serious, others can be fixed with minor ...
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What Is Delayed Engagement?

Delayed engagement is one of the most common transmission repair problems that you may experience in your vehicle. When your transmission is functioning properly, it will immediately shift between ...
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Signs You Need New Transmission Fluid

Transmission repair is one of the most time intensive and costly services that you can schedule for your vehicle. In order to avoid a serious transmission problem, it is a good idea to set up regular ...
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Signs of a Faulty Fuel Pump

If your car has a bad fuel pump, you may notice several symptoms as you drive. When you watch this video, you will learn all about the signs of a faulty fuel pump. One of the most common symptoms of a ...
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Transmission Issues That You Shouldn't Ignore

If you drive a higher mileage vehicle, it is important to be on the lookout for signs that your transmission needs servicing. As you log miles behind the wheel, your car’s transmission will be ...
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Which Oil is Best for Your Vehicle?

Changing your oil is an important step of engine maintenance. When you bring your car in for engine maintenance in San Ramon, your mechanic may have several different types of engine oil available. ...
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