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Engine Rebuilds 101: How a Rebuilt Engine Could Get Your Car Back on the Road

Every vehicle needs a reliable engine to propel a ton of metal as well as the passengers and cargo inside of it. Your car engine in San Ramon, CA can fail, however, which leaves you with a couple of ...
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Tips for Winterizing Your Vehicle

If you want to make sure that your vehicle is fully prepared for the long winter months, it’s important to take the time to winterize your car every year. Winterizing won’t just keep your ...
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Recognizing the Signs of Alternator Failures

A failing alternator can put you in a dangerous position if you often drive at night, but your engine mechanic in San Ramon, CA will help you address the problem before you end up stranded in the ...
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How to Put a Stop to Common Brake Problems

You wouldn’t wait to fix an alternator or engine problem in San Ramon, CA, and you shouldn’t wait to deal with issues with your brakes, either. Properly functioning brakes can save lives ...
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3 Ways Alignment Problems Can Affect Your Car

A variety of things can lead to misaligned wheels, such as driving over a pothole or hitting a curb, and while this may seem like a minor concern, there are several reasons why an alignment problem ...
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Extending the Life of Your Tires

When your car’s wheels are out of alignment, it can cause premature tire wear that may reduce your vehicle’s fuel efficiency and require early tire replacement. Because of this, having ...
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Fighting Back Against Dim Headlights

Are your headlights dull, scratched, cracked, discolored, or cloudy? If so, then you could benefit from headlight restoration. At our car repair shop serving San Ramon, CA, Walt’s Danville ...
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What Can You Do to Reduce the Risk of Transmission Trouble?

Your vehicle’s transmission is integral to its function, and taking steps to avoid the need for transmission repair can save you time, frustration, and money later. Keep reading to learn what ...
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Reasons to Consider Rebuilding Your Engine

You’re not going to get very far in a vehicle without a working engine. If you keep running into problems and paying for repairs, consider a rebuilt engine in San Ramon, CA. Rebuilding your ...
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Keep Your Car on the Straight and Narrow with Alignment Services

One of the most important, but most overlooked, parts of car maintenance is alignment. It’s easy for your car to develop a problem with alignment, but noticing the signs can be more challenging. ...
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What Are My Transmission Repair Options?

If you notice a problem with your vehicle but wait too long to look into transmission repair in San Ramon, CA, you could find yourself looking at a much more extensive issue. It’s important to ...
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Don't Skip These Car Maintenance Essentials

A timely car repair in San Ramon, CA can bail you out of trouble, but regular maintenance helps you avoid problems entirely. Between you and your transmission mechanic, you can create a maintenance ...
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Avoid These Common Car Cleaning Mistakes

A nice thorough wash livens up your car’s paint job, and it gives you an opportunity to spend some quality time with your vehicle. If you don’t wash properly, you could end up needing car ...
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Is My Car Leaking Transmission Fluid?

Your transmission fluid in San Ramon, CA helps lubricate certain parts of your vehicle, which keeps other parts safe and helps you avoid breaking down during your road trips. Unless you realize that ...
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Answering Common Questions About Engine Rebuilding

If there’s a problem with your engine, you have a couple options. Many people gear towards a rebuilt engine in San Ramon, CA because of the advantages it can offer. Rebuilding your engine might ...
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Brake Problems Every Driver Should Be Able to Recognize

It’s one thing to wait a little too long to have your oil changed, but it’s another to wait until your brakes go out to see your engine mechanic in San Ramon, CA. If you run into problems ...
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See a Car's Suspension in Action

You don’t get to see most of the interior parts of your vehicle while you’re driving it, so you won’t usually see your own suspension or transmission in San Ramon, CA while ...
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What Not to Do in Your New Vehicle

There are few better feelings than driving a brand new car home from the dealership. In this video from Engineering Explained, you will learn some of the do's and don’ts of driving a new ...
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Is Your Car's AC Performing at Its Best?

When the weather gets hot, your car’s air conditioning system will keep you cool as you drive around town. However, if your AC is not in peak operating condition, you may find yourself sweating ...
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Signs It's Time to Consider an Engine Rebuild

Your car’s engine is at the core of its power and performance. As the miles pass, the many delicate components in your car engine will gradually start to wear down. To keep your higher mileage ...
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Exploring Commonly Diagnosed Transmission Problems

Without a fully functional transmission, your engine will not be able to power to your car’s wheels. If you are experiencing transmission problems as you drive, take the time to visit a ...
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How Do Parking Brakes Work?

Your car’s parking brake is designed to keep your vehicle secure once you place it in park. In this video, you will learn all about how your parking brake works. A parking brake contains a cable ...
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Preventative Auto Maintenance to Put on Your To-Do List

The summer season is a great time to schedule preventative car repair services. From changing your transmission fluid to checking your brake pads, there are many services that can boost the ...
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Resolving Engine Performance Problems with a Rebuild

The performance of your car’s engine will have a major impact on your driving experience. If your engine has started to stall, sputter, or malfunction in any way, do not hesitate to bring your ...
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Getting Help with Smog Check Repair Costs

Drivers in the state of California must submit their cars for regular smog inspections. If your car fails to pass its smog check, your inspector may recommend certain car repair services that will ...
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