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Common Questions About Timing Belts

What starts out as a minor engine problem in San Ramon, CA can end up developing into something much more serious if you don’t take care of it quickly. Your timing belts are among the many important elements of your engine that keep your vehicle running properly, but at some point you may have to have yours replaced. If you want to check on your timing belt to make sure your car engine is in shape, you’ll need to know how to access it first. Continue on for the answers to common questions about timing belts. timing - belt

What do they do?

Your engine relies on quite a few moving parts to function properly. In order for your vehicle to operate, these moving parts need to be in sync with each other. The timing belts are responsible for ensuring that valves in your engine open and close at the proper times. This integral component of the engine is necessary for it to function, and you may experience a multitude of problems if your timing belt snaps.

Should I have mine replaced?

As is the case with any other component of your vehicle, your engine components will wear out over time. If you are suspicious that it might be time to replace your timing belts, you’ll want to call your engine repair professional. You can tell that it’s time to have your engine mechanic replace your timing belt if it appears to be damaged or worn down. You can also look at your owner’s manual to see how often your manufacturer suggests that you have your timing belts replaced. If you are anywhere within this mileage window, see your engine mechanic for timing belt replacement.

How do I access my timing belt?

In order to check on the condition of your timing belt, you need to know how to get to it. You’ll see a protective cover when you look at the front of your engine—remove this cover to get to your timing belt. You can always talk to your engine mechanic if you have any trouble locating or inspecting your timing belt.

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