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When to Schedule a Transmission Flush

It’s helpful to flush out your transmission in San Ramon, CA every once in a while, but how do you know when it’s time? Aside from keeping to a maintenance schedule, there are a few signs that might alert you that it’s time to visit the automatic transmission repair shop for a flush. If you have been having problems keeping your car in gear, hearing loud noises that you haven’t heard before, or experiencing vehicle surging, it might be time for some transmission service. Feel free to keep reading to figure out when you should schedule a transmission flush. transmission - flush

When You Have Gear Problems

You need to give your transmission a flush every now and then to boost its efficiency and prevent problems from occurring, but sometimes you might need a reminder. If you haven’t already set up a maintenance plan with your transmission professional and you’re wondering if it might be time for a flush, think about how your vehicle has been driving. When you have trouble shifting gears or keeping your car in gear, consider how long it’s been since you’ve scheduled a transmission flush. Dirty or contaminated transmission fluid can make it difficult for your vehicle to switch gears or stay in the appropriate one, so don’t wait to talk to your repair professional.

When You Hear Loud, Strange Noises

When you start hearing loud noises that you haven’t heard before, it’s typically safe to assume that something is going wrong. Clean transmission fluid helps keep everything lubricated, but a lack of clean fluid can cause grinding. This grinding may be audible and a sign that you are due for a transmission flush. In the event that you hear strange sounds coming from your car, keep the engine running and check your transmission fluid. Chances are, you need a refill or a full transmission flush.

When You Experience Vehicle Surging

One of the biggest and most dangerous problems with contaminated transmission fluid is that it can make it more difficult to control your vehicle. If you have noticed that your car has been surging, you might be lacking in clean transmission fluid and due to see your mechanic.

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