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Brake Problems Every Driver Should Be Able to Recognize

It’s one thing to wait a little too long to have your oil changed, but it’s another to wait until your brakes go out to see your engine mechanic in San Ramon, CA. If you run into problems with your brakes while you’re driving, you could end up putting yourself and others in danger. Recognizing brake problems helps you avoid the potential damage, injury, and even fatalities that a brake problem could lead to. Know the sounds and smells, what to do with an unresponsive brake pedal, and how to respond when your warning lights illuminate. Here’s an overview of brake problems every driver should recognize. car - brake

Sounds and Smells

If your brakes are in trouble, you might hear a few sounds and smell a few scents that you wouldn’t typically expect to come from your vehicle. You’re particularly likely to hear screeches and squealing if your brakes aren’t in good shape. In many cases, this is due to worn-out brake pads. Unfortunately, these worn pads can damage other parts of the vehicle, so you should talk to your engine mechanic to have your pads changed before this happens. You might also smell a burning scent if your brakes are on their way out. This means you should see your brake and engine mechanic to have your vehicle serviced immediately.

Unresponsive Pedal

Sometimes your brake pedal might feel soft, or even spongy, and sometimes you might even feel vibrations in your pedal. If you notice any of these symptoms, don’t wait to see your engine mechanic to have your brakes looked at. Your vehicle should allow you to drive comfortably and safely, and an unresponsive pedal will hold you back. Even if you just need a minor adjustment, it’s better to get it done than have your brakes go out while you’re driving.

Warning Lights

There’s no reason you should ever ignore your warning lights. These lights can alert you to problems with your transmission, suspension, or brakes. If you notice your brake warning light coming on, see your mechanic and get to the bottom of the issue.

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