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There are many aspects to your car that require professional attention and a team of mechanics who has the tools and experience to get the job done right the first time. If you are making your car racecar ready, corner weighting is the one of the most important changes to make. For years, Walt’s Danville Service has been San Ramon’s leader in corner balancing, car tuning, and scaling. We have a dedicated team of specialists who understands how to get the most performance possible from your car and expertly perform the modifications needed to get your car’s balance just right. For more information, call today or stop by our mechanics shop in San Ramon.

Corner balancing: An overview

Many factors can affect how your car turns in each direction. At high speeds, this is an important component to how fast you go because of how weight is transferred from one side of the car to the other, or from the rear to the front of the car. When different springs and shocks don’t do the trick, the answer is corner balancing. With corner weighting, the distribution of weight is spread out evenly among the four corners of your car, which allows for maximum efficiency when turning at high speeds.

Master technicians at work in San Ramon

At Walt’s Danville Service, our commitment to balancing your car for racing is second to none. We go through all of the weighing procedures to get the right static weight distribution, in addition to setting the optimal cross weight. We have the tools and resources to accurately measure your car, and use our advanced systems to be precise in our measurements.

From start to finish, quality you can depend on

When you’re dealing with corner balancing, it is imperative to work with mechanics who know what they are doing. The scaling process begins by determining how much weight needs to be shifted around from one side or the other. We always add the appropriate amount of weight on the driver’s side (to approximate your weight) to ensure the weighting is accurate. We ensure your car is perfectly aligned and set up for exactly how it will be on the track, giving you the most precise picture of where the weight distribution is and how to best achieve the right balance.

Static weight distribution vs. cross weight

With static weight distribution, physically adding or moving around weight, including the battery placement or lead ballast, is the only method of altering the distribution. Cross weight, which is the ratio of weight between the left front and right rear, and the right front and left rear, is a more nuanced process. Depending on the track you are racing on, having a car whose balanced leans one way can be useful. Think of it this way: If the track has more right turns than left turns, you’d want the cross weight to reflect that to make your car that much more efficient. Whichever balance you prefer, Walt’s Danville Service can get it done, no problem.

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