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Check Engine Light in San Ramon

A check engine light is one of the most worrying—and, unfortunately, vague—indicators of vehicle trouble. The check engine light may illuminate for many reasons, necessitating a professional diagnostic performed by an experienced auto repair specialist. If you're experiencing a check engine light in San Ramon, Walt's Danville Service can help you diagnose the problem to get you back on the road safely and quickly.

Top Three Reasons for a Check Engine Light

The check engine light will illuminate to indicate any type of problem with your car's engine or emissions system. Because this indicator is vague, taking your car to an auto repair shop is necessary to determine the cause of your check engine light and the best solution.

  1. Dirty Oxygen Sensor: Your engine's oxygen sensors help determine the amount of fuel burned inside the engine. These sensors become covered with oil residue over time, affecting their readings. A dirty or faulty oxygen sensor will decrease gas mileage while increasing your car's emissions. An auto repair specialist can replace your sensor quickly and easily to eliminate your check engine light and restore proper fuel consumption monitoring.
  2. Damaged Mass Airflow Sensor: Mass airflow sensors monitor the air flowing through your engine to determine how much fuel is required. A damaged or dirty mass airflow sensor can reduce gas mileage, increase emissions, and even cause your car to stall. Your auto repair shop can replace the mass airflow sensor to prevent engine damage and restore proper fuel intake and emissions.
  3. Loose Fuel Cap: One of the simplest—and most easily addressed—causes of a check engine light is a loose fuel cap. Because the fuel cap plays an important role in your engine's function, a loose, cracked, or otherwise faulty fuel cap can affect your entire fuel system. If your check engine light illuminates, try tightening your fuel cap and check it for cracks and wear.

Steps of Engine Repair

The check engine light is an indicator that engine repair is needed. When you visit your auto repair shop to diagnose and solve the problem, here's what you can expect:

  • A comprehensive diagnostic of your engine to determine the reason for the check engine light.
  • An explanation of the required engine repairs, as well as an estimate for the work.
  • The quick and thorough completion of any repairs you've agreed upon.
  • A recommendation for engine maintenance that will prevent future problems and keep your engine functioning properly.

At Walt's Danville Service, you can always expect prompt, friendly, and honest auto repair in San Ramon. Contact us today by calling (925) 328-1050 to schedule your engine repairs!

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