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One of the most important, but most overlooked, parts of car maintenance is alignment. It’s easy for your car to develop a problem with alignment, but noticing the signs can be more challenging. When you don’t have your alignment checked periodically, the costs can add up. You’ll pay more at the pump because of decreased fuel efficiency, you’ll have to replace your tires more often because of uneven wear and tear, and you could have a higher risk of an accident because of increased stopping distances. Find out the reasons alignment services matter so much and when you should get an alignment in this infographic from Walt’s Danville Service. Alignments are part of the preventative maintenance and car repair services we offer in San Ramon, CA, along with transmission repairs, engine services, and more. Protect your investment in your car and contact us today for an alignment check. Help other drivers keep their cars on the road by sharing this information.

Car alignment infographic

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