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Car’s Alternator

Your car’s alternator controls all of its major electrical components. When your check engine light turns on, it is important to visit your engine mechanic in San Ramon to see if an alternator problem is to blame. A failing alternator can cause a variety of issues that may make your vehicle unsafe to drive. Fortunately, prompt and accurate diagnostic services will allow you to repair your broken alternator correctly.

There are a few common signs that your alternator may be going out. An early sign of alternator troubles is when you start to see that your headlights or taillights are dimmer than usual. A malfunctioning alternator may also cause your check engine light and other dashboard lights to turn off, seemingly at random. Alternator problems can also cause your car to make strange banging or rattling sounds. If you have started to notice any strange symptoms with your car’s electronics, you should act fast and set up immediate repairs with your mechanic.

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