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Car tires on winter road covered with snow

If you want to make sure that your vehicle is fully prepared for the long winter months, it’s important to take the time to winterize your car every year. Winterizing won’t just keep your vehicle running smoothly—it can also help to ensure that you stay safe behind the wheel. To start with, you will want to take your vehicle to a shop in San Ramon, CA, for routine engine maintenance. Here are some of the most essential winterization tasks:

Assemble an emergency kit.

If you want to keep safe on the road this winter, you’ll want to make sure that you’re prepared for emergencies. That means ensuring that you have a safety kit on hand in case your vehicle breaks down. Your kit should include a flashlight, an ice scraper, gloves, a warm hat, and a blanket—along with non-perishable snacks.

Buy snow chains.

It’s also a good idea to purchase snow chains for your vehicle in the event that you need to drive through snow and ice. Snow chains are required for driving through some parts of California during the winter, but they’re also smart to keep in your vehicle in the event that you need them.

Keep an eye on your tires.

Keep in mind that fluctuations in temperature can affect your tire pressure. It’s important to keep checking your tires’ air pressure throughout the cold season, and to inflate them whenever necessary. If you know that you’ll be driving through heavy snow, you should buy snow tires.

Have your vehicle serviced.

As soon as the temperature starts to fall, you should take your vehicle to an auto shop and have it looked at by a professional. Among other things, you should check all of your fluids, your battery and cables, your spark plugs, and every other essential component of your engine. Having your vehicle inspected now can help to prevent accidents later.

Check your car battery.

Cold weather takes a toll on the effectiveness of batteries, and auto shops see a lot of dead batteries during the winter season. If possible, it’s a good idea to keep your vehicle in the garage to minimize its exposure to extreme cold. If you notice any warning signs that your battery is fading—such as trouble starting your engine, dimming headlights, or a swollen battery case—have it checked out by a professional right away.

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