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Vehicle’s transmission

Your vehicle’s transmission is integral to its function, and taking steps to avoid the need for transmission repair can save you time, frustration, and money later. Keep reading to learn what you can do to prevent problems with your transmission in San Ramon, CA.

Shift After Coming to a Stop

Do you shift your vehicle in or out of reverse without waiting to come to a complete stop? If so, then you should know that this habit can lead to problems for your transmission. When you shift gears in this way while the car is still in motion, it can cause wear and tear over time and lead to weakened transmission gears.

Pay Attention to Transmission Fluid

Your car’s transmission fluid helps keep the transmission in a safe temperature range, which is important for preventing wear and tear to its parts. In fact, overheating is a common cause of transmission failure. For this reason, to promote a trouble-free transmission, you should regularly have the filter replaced and check the transmission fluid for proper color, smell, and level. However, take care not to overfill the transmission fluid, which can lead to problems, as well.

Tow Only Your Car’s Capacity

Towing or carrying more weight in your vehicle than it is designed for can cause the transmission to overheat. As was discussed above, overheating is an issue that you want to avoid whenever possible. For this reason, you should not overload your car or tow more than it is designed to pull.

Don’t Ignore the Emergency Brake

Did you know that your car’s emergency brake doesn’t have to be reserved for emergencies? Your car’s parking pawl is a component that locks the transmission in the park position. When you park on an incline, the angle can place extra stress on the parking pawl. By activating your emergency brake when parking on slopes, you can help avoid damage to this part of your transmission.

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