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Quick and Easy Oil Change in San Ramon

The engine is widely known as the heart of your car. If this holds true, then the blood of your car is the oil. Oil is needed to keep your engine in top shape and if you don’t practice good care for changing your car’s oil, then your car’s engine won’t last for very long. While every car has different needs, including oils and the frequency of changing, the importance of this simple maintenance is crucial. At Walt’s Danville Service, we offer oil change service such as synthetic oil change.

When to Get Your Oil Changed

Every car is different when it comes to getting oil changes. Although it’s said that you should get an oil change every 3,000 miles, this is not always the case. Better advice is to refer to your car owner’s manual, as these numbers will be more accurate. You may need to get more frequent oil changes if you:

  • Drive short trips (less than 5 miles) in normal temperatures
  • Drive short trips (less than 10 miles) in freezing temperatures
  • Use your car to tow vehicles or trailers
  • Make “jackrabbit” stops and starts
  • Drive in hot weather
  • Drive in heavy traffic

The Importance of Getting Your Oil Changed

The engine of your car does a lot of work to keep your car running. Because there are several parts in your engine that run in a tight space, heat and friction naturally build up under the hood of your car. What oil does is it reduces friction and overheating, so that your car’s engine can run more smoothly and effectively and last for a longer amount of time. For an oil change in San Ramon, CA, visit Walt’s Danville Service.

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