With more than 52 years of experience in the automotive repair business, we know how to find fast solutions for your car trouble. As the only complete auto shop in San Ramon, you can come with any make or model of car. We work on SUVs, trucks, compact vehicles and even classic cars. Whether you need custom work or small headlight repairs, we are prepared to help!


All Import And Domestic Makes And Models And European

Our technicians are all ASE certified, ensuring that you can trust in the services they perform. No matter what type of repairs or services you need, we will provide a warranty on parts and labor. Our proven A+ BBB rating demonstrates our commitment to your personal satisfaction with your vehicle. From customized repairs to simple maintenance, Walt’s Danville Service has the solutions. We will work hard to repair your vehicle in a short timeframe, understanding that your car is your means of transportation. In the meantime, we offer partnering rental car and shuttle services when needed. We can also arrange for early morning or late night drop offs.


You can rest assured that our general automotive shop will care for all of your needs, such as:

  • Tires & Alignment: Tired of your care making loud, squeaking noises every time you come to a stop? It might be time for your brakes and alignment to be adjusted.
  • Transmissions & Clutches: Don’t ignore your transmission or clutch troubles any longer. With regular servicing, you could extend your car’s life by several years.
  • Engines: Regular maintenance on your engine helps to cut down on future repair or replacement costs. We thoroughly inspect your engine to find the most affordable solution for your vehicle.
  • Timing Belt Replacement: Having your timing belt replaced by a certified technician is a simple maintenance task that can save you from major engine repairs in the future.
  • Check Engine Light Service: Check engine lights are worrisome and could illuminate for a number of different reasons. Come to Walt’s for a checkup and ease your concerns.
  • Electrical: When your car won’t start, there might be damage to the alternator or battery. Our technicians have the experience to perform fast repairs, fixing any type of problem.
  • Maintenance: The most cost-effective method for extending your vehicle’s life is regular maintenance. Yearly tune-ups and service help to ensure your car is getting the care it needs.
  • Suspension: Your suspension maximizes the friction between tires and road surface, allowing you to have better steering control. We can help repair or install a kit on your vehicle that fits your needs.
  • Headlight Restoration: Restoring your headlights isn’t only for cosmetic purposes, but for safety as well. When your headlights are clean, it can prevent accidents and dangerous driving. Our tough polymer protectant stands up to all types of weather.
  • Smog Check: Ensuring that your vehicle passes the smog check was never easier! We are one of the STAR stations in the San Ramon area that can perform the repairs you need to turn over a failed smog check. We can also help you cover your expenses through the CAP program.