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For the past 40 years, our Sam Ramon automotive shop has been helping residents keep their engines running and their vehicles on the road. We know that engine trouble can be frustrating, especially when it is unexpected. We work with customers to help them avoid future engine troubles, encouraging them to conduct routine maintenance. If you don’t stay consistent with your engine’s care, it’s more likely that it will break down unexpectedly or perform poorly.

If you are looking for a trustworthy car repair shop, Walt’s Danville Service has earned an A+ BBB rating for the past four years. We are committed to making the customer a priority, always providing excellent, quality repairs and services. Our team of skilled technicians will discuss your engine concerns with you, finding the most effective and affordable solution for your vehicle.

Clean Engine


There are several ways to ensure that your engine has a long and healthy lifespan, including regular oil changes, proper maintenance, and routine checkups. If you start to notice problems or issues with your engine, take it in as soon as possible. Thankfully, not all engine troubles require a full engine replacement. When we examine your vehicle, we will do everything we can to avoid replacing your engine completely, striving to save you money and time. Our ASE certified technicians will explain your options for repair, always offering you an estimate before they start working. We will thoroughly inspect your engine, providing you with an honest recommendation for either transmission repairs or complete replacement. With our well-trained technicians, we are able to completely rebuild your transmission when needed. No matter what type of engine problems you are dealing with, our automotive repair shop has the experience to help.

Contact us today at 925-328-1050 to start discussing your engine services!

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