Are you a San Ramon, Pleasanton, Dublin or Danville  resident in need of reliable auto glass replacement? Walt’s Danville Service can help! With over four decades in the automotive business, we are prepared to provide our customers with quality, experience, and efficiency. Not only do we offer exceptional and detail-oriented auto glass replacement services, but we even provide driver’s access to our full-service shop for ultimate customer service and convenience.  As a complete auto shop, we continually strive to be our loyal customers one-stop-shop for comprehensive auto services. Though we do not handle auto glass repairs, we are East Bay’s premier choice for thorough and inexpensive auto glass replacement. Whether it’s completely shattered, or you have an annoying crack creeping across your windshield, we’re your team!



Have the windshields or windows of your vehicle been recently damaged in an accident? Driving with a cracked or broken windshield not only compromises the quality of your driving, but it can also compromise the structural integrity of your vehicle. Don’t put yourself or others in danger over something Walt’s Danville Service can quickly fix. Our skilled and certified technicians have completed hundreds of auto glass replacement services throughout the years, and we’re confident we have the solutions to help make your daily commutes safer. Our specialized team can provide the following services for damaged auto glass:

  • Front window replacement
  • Sunroof replacement
  • Rear window replacement
  • Side-car window replacement

At Walt’s Danville Service, we understand your car is your primary means of transportation. Let us provide you with our exemplary auto glass replacement services, so your car is in a safe driving condition.We can even arrange for early morning or late-night drop-offs. Our team dedicates themselves to going the extra mile to ensure your auto glass replacement gets done in a short timeframe so you can get back to living your best life. And best of all we take care of all the insurance details. Billing, to submitting the claim, all you do is pay your deductible.


When you need auto glass replacement on your SUVs, trucks, compact vehicles, or even classic car, our full-service shop is here to assist. We can accommodate any make or model and are seasoned at completing full vehicle window replacements, headlight restoration, and everything in between. Along with auto glass replacement, our automotive shops other most commonly needed services include:

When you could get all of your auto services under one roof, why wouldn’t you? Let us make the process easy for you! When your car calls for auto glass replacement and more, call on the professionals at Walt’s Danville Service for quick and affordable services.


Understanding how to properly take care of your auto glass replacement is the first step towards maintaining your investment and vehicles safety. Upon completion, our technicians will walk you through all the do’s and don’ts to keeping your auto glass in like-new condition. As a reminder, Walt’s Danville Service has put together a list of easy tips to ensure your car window replacement holds up for years to come:

  • Wait to drive your vehicle so the adhesive holding your glass in place has time to set and dry
  • Leave all of your car windows cracked so air pressure does not put any extra stress on the seal around the car’s glass
  • Don’t remove the retention tape placed on your auto glass to ensure the seal is protected from the elements.
  • Avoid any car washes or power washes
  • Take a different route if your commute typically consists of bumpy or pot-hole-infested roads

Essentially, we recommend you take it easy on your vehicle for 24-hours to two full days after receiving our auto windows replacement services. This way, we only have to do the job once, and you can get back to your day-to-day hassle-free!