Your car’s engine converts fuel into power, which is used to propel the vehicle forward while driving. While many engine problems can be easily resolved with simple repairs, an engine rebuild addresses more widespread problems or wear to restore your car to like-new performance. At Walt’s Danville Service, our auto repair shop offers complete car maintenance and car repair in San Ramon, including remanufactured and rebuilt engines.

Engine on the floor of the shop - Walt's Danville Service


During an engine rebuild, the engine is removed from your car. The entire system is disassembled into its constituent parts, and each component is machined, cleaned, and checked for wear or damage. Parts that are worn or broken are replaced, and all critical internal parts are replaced with new ones to provide the best post-reconstruction performance; any other portion of the engine that is still in good condition is reused. Finally, the engine is reassembled and replaced in your car. Rebuilt engines typically deliver even greater performance and reliability than the original engine, thanks to advances in technology that have been made since the time of your original vehicle purchase.



Rebuilt engines restore value and performance to a vehicle that has suffered engine damage or wear. There are several reasons to consider an engine rebuild over complete vehicle replacement in San Ramon.

  • Rebuilding your engine is an excellent way to restore your car to new condition, allowing you to essentially double the mileage it is capable of achieving. Thus, you can drastically extend the overall lifetime of your current vehicle through an engine rebuild to get greater return on your initial purchase.
  • An engine rebuild allows you to keep your current car, even if it has been experiencing severe performance issues due to engine wear or damage. If you have modified your car or simply love the model you’ve purchased, an engine rebuild lets you retain your existing vehicle, rather than forcing you to purchase a new one.
  • Engine rebuilds are much less expensive than many other options, including purchasing a new car, a used car, or even installing a new engine in your existing car. Additionally, while an engine rebuild may cost slightly more upfront than a simple engine repair, small repairs for serious engine problems will only continue to compound as the engine continues to fail, costing you more over time than performing a one-time engine rebuild.