Our San Ramon auto repair shop has been serving residents since 1970, building a trustworthy and dependable reputation. As a family-owned business, we have passed down the value of customer satisfaction. Whether you need a complete engine repair or just a battery replacement, we are willing to help. When you work with the team at Walt’s Danville Services, you can rest assured that you are receiving high-quality work at affordable prices. When your car won’t start, we understand how frustrating that can be.


If you turn your key and your car is unresponsive or starts making clicking noises, it’s likely that there is a problem with your alternator, battery or car starter. Our technicians can work on practically any make or model, even classic cars. They are equipped with the experience and training to find affordable solutions for your car troubles. There might be a simple solution, such as replacing a battery, or you may have a more complex issue to solve with your fuel system. No matter what type of problem you are facing, we can fix it.


The purpose of an alternator is to keep your battery charged, providing the power to run all of your electrical accessories in your car while it’s running. There are several symptoms that might be telling of a bad alternator. When you are aware of these warning signs, it makes it easier to take care of the problem before it becomes more inconvenient.

Any of the following signs could indicate that your alternator is no longer able to charge your battery effectively. It is important that you have a technician from our shop check up on this right away to prevent future troubles. Driving at night with a poor battery or bad alternator could leave you lost in the dark.

Your car might even have technology that alerts you when your alternator has gone bad. If you don’t have this technology, there are some common signs your vehicle has a problem.

  • Dashboard or service lights flicker/switch on and off
  • Battery voltage is consistently lower than 13V
  • Poor electrical accessory performance (dimming headlights, interior lights or dashboard lights)
  • Clanging or rattling noise coming from the car (problem with alternator belt or its other parts)

Even newer vehicles could have alternator problems if the belt or other parts have come loose. We will help you find a fast solution to your alternator or battery troubles, offering you a written estimate before any work is done. With more than four decades of experience spotting bad alternators, we are prepared to help.