Although San Ramon is somewhat of a Mediterranean climate, temperatures here can still reach triple digits in the summertime—which is exactly when you’ll appreciate your car’s air conditioner. If you notice anything wrong with the AC, come to Walt’s Danville Service for car air conditioning repair in San Ramon so you’re not forced to sit through rush hour traffic during the hottest part of the day in a car that won’t blow cold air.


Walt’s Danville Service is your complete air conditioning service and repair shop in San Ramon. Our technicians are trained to diagnose and fix whatever problems are causing your air conditioner to lose its cool. Some common AC problems include:

  • Weak Airflow – There are a lot of reasons why your air conditioner isn’t blowing as hard as usual. Mold or mildew may have accumulated in the evaporator core, causing a blockage of sorts. The ventilation fan may also be fried or your AC system may have air leaks. Bring your car in for repair as soon as you notice diminished airflow.
  • No Cold Air – Like weak airflow problems, lack of precious cold air can also be caused by numerous factors, including refrigerant leaks, failed compressor or compressor clutch, failed blower motor, vacuum leaks, or clogs in the refrigerant charging hose. Whatever the cause, visit Walt’s Danville Service for immediate air conditioning repair as soon as you notice a problem.
  • Musty Odor – Foul, musty odors are usually the result of a moldy evaporator case. An old, dirty air cabin filter may also be causing this smell. Either way, our AC repair technicians can get to the bottom of your odor problems so you can breathe easily inside your car.


Q: How often does my AC need to be “recharged”?
A: While it’s true that some air conditioners can go a lifetime without needing a recharge, most of us simply aren’t that lucky. Your AC system may need a recharge if you begin to notice diminished performance, so bring it in and let our air conditioning repair experts have a look

Q: How do you test for an AC system leak?
A: The AC is a sealed system, and any leaks in the system can affect performance. Over time, rubber seals and hoses inside the AC system break down and allow refrigerant to escape. We use black light enabled dyes and a special device that identities the chemical components of refrigerant to detect an AC system leak.

Q: What is refrigerant?
A: Refrigerant (typically referred to by the trade name Freon) is a specially formulated mixture that aides in transforming hot air into cold air by absorbing and releasing heat. Refrigerant should only be handled by a trained auto repair technician.

AC Performance Check
Come to Walt’s Danville Service for your annual AC performance check. If our technicians discover anything wrong with your air conditioner, we will do everything we can to fix the problem(s) quickly so you can get back on the road. Call our San Ramon auto repair shop to schedule service today!