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Safe and Durable Puck Locks in San Ramon

Made of solid steel, puck locks are one of the safest locks out on the market today. Like its name suggests, they are shaped like a hockey puck, which eliminates surface area around the lock. These locks can be bolted or welded onto a desired area. At Walt’s Danville Service, we sell quality puck locks that are great for trucks, trailers, vans and all sorts of vehicles. In addition, we also provide puck lock installation services in San Ramon, CA, which are safe, reliable and convenient.

Various Uses for Your Hockey Puck Lock

As one of the most theft-proof locks out on the market today, hockey puck locks are one of the best options when it comes to locks. These small, yet reliable locks can be used for a variety of purposes, but are most commonly installed on vans and trucks in order to provide first-class protection, keeping the vehicle and its content completely secure.

Puck Lock Installation

In need of a master puck lock for your vehicle? If so, you’ve made a safe and smart choice. At Walt’s Danville Service, we not only sell some of the market’s leading puck locks, but we also install them. Leave it to us to bolt or weld these theft-proof locks on your truck, trailer, van or any other vehicle. Give us a call for a quote –— we’re happy to help!

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