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In 1987, Chevron lost their ground lease. The station was bulldozed and Walt retired. The landowner leases the property to Jiffy Lube who approached me with an attractive offer to manage their business at our old location which is still in operation today. They didn’t make me an offer I couldn’t refuse. I felt that with 17 years invested, I couldn’t let the family business die. With nowhere else to go, to buy time, I signed a short-term lease and took over two of the three service bays at the Mobil station on Diablo Road.

Car Interior Work


Next move… signed lease with Shell Oil and took over the 3 bay service station around the corner. Once again I was back in business and hired two more technicians. After a short time, I was running out of room again.

Next move… San Ramon, 5 bay shop located across the street from The Brass Door restaurant. Business continued to grow for the next 5 years. I started looking around again.

Tow Package


Spring 1996, found an empty building twice the size that needed a lot of improvements to make it functional for automotive. I needed the more room to expand again. Keeping the other shop open, I took the risk and started improvements at the new location. I sandblasted and rolled the floor with epoxy paint, had 8 lifts installed, built the office and installed bathrooms, windows, doors, new lights, electrical outlets, air lines, a new compressor room and a few other things. A month later we were in business at our new digs.


Starting from a two-bay service station, I kept the faith and never looked back. It hasn’t been an easy journey, but with all the hard work and when situations appear impossible, dreams can come true.

-Wally Macor

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