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The battery of your car is needed in order to get the engine started. Batteries have a capacity to store energy for about 5-7 years, although they can last more or less depending on how well you care for your car and your battery. When the car’s battery no longer has the capacity to hold charge, it will die. When you’ve reached this stage, you’ll need to boost the battery to get it going. At our auto shop, Walt’s Danville Service, we can help your car’s battery stay in tip-top shape, and when it isn’t, we’ll install a new one for you.

Technician Checking Diagnostics


Do you suspect your battery’s life is running low? Come over to our auto repair in San Ramon and we’ll have it tested for you by doing a battery inspection. Here are a few ways you can start to notice if your car’s battery is dying:

  • Your car’s dashboard lights flicker or dim when you start your car
  • Your car’s headlights dim when the car is at a standstill
  • You might notice corrosion on the battery itself
  • Your car’s engine is slower to turn over

If you notice any of these signals, visit us today. We offer professional car battery service and provide free installation with the purchase of a battery.

Suspect your battery needs some help? Visit us at Walt’s Danville Service and our trusted team will service or replace your battery today!

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