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When the winter months come around, it can mean more accidents due to snow, ice and a decrease of sunlight. There are many ways that you can make your time on the roads safer and more stress-free by winterizing your vehicle. A few ways you can keep your car safe during the holiday season is to go for regular winter auto repair and winter car maintenance. Winterize your car further by looking into fluid refills, tire service, tire alignment, as well as battery maintenance and replacement.

Stacked Car Tires


The harsh winter months can be challenging for your car. Make sure you are properly winterizing your car by checking off the following:

  • Ensure you have the correct antifreeze mixture.
  • If temperatures drop below freezing, you might be better off switching from oil to thinner.
  • Get a freeze-resistant wiper fluid.
  • Inspect and/or replace your tires.
  • If you live in a place that sees lots of snow, consider snow tires.
  • Keep your battery in good shape.
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If you live in a place that has extremely cold winters, you might want to consider packing an emergency kit in case you get stuck in the snow. You can create this pack at home, which should include:

  • Ice scraper
  • Shovel
  • Coolant
  • Warming products like gloves, blanket and a hat
  • Flashlight
  • Kitty litter or sand (in case tires get stuck in the snow)

At Walt’s Danville Service, we also offer winterizing gear such as antifreeze and winter tires for sale. Make sure your car is winter-ready. Consult us today by calling us at 925-328-1050!

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