Monroe Shocktober 2 Promo

Special Offer on Monroe Shocks and Struts at Walt’s Danville Service!

Walt’s Danville Service is excited to announce that through the entire month of September, you’ll have a special opportunity when you purchase any Monroe Shocks and Struts ride control products. Customers like you in San Ramon can count on Walt’s Danville Service for repairs and an industry-leading selection of quality parts and services.

Now we’re able to announce a special offer on some of your favorite ride control products like shocks, struts, and more from Monroe, a retailer of the most dependable shocks and struts on the market. The company is calling the deal Shocktober 2, and trust us, you won’t want to miss it.



So, how can you take advantage of this limited-time offer? We’re glad you asked. Purchase combinations of two or four Monroe products when you come into Walt’s Danville Service throughout the month of September. Then, mail in the offer form to be eligible for a prepaid Visa gift card worth up to $80!

We don’t endorse every deal like this that comes our way, but Shocktober 2 is different. Monroe shocks and struts provide the smoothest driving experience and are known across the industry as some of the top-rated suspension products. At Walt’s Danville Service, we only sell parts we would use in our own vehicles, and ride control products from Monroe Shocks and Struts are right up there at the top.


Walt’s Danville Service has a long history in the Bay Area, and regional customers have been trusting us with their vehicles since long before Walt, our namesake, retired in 1987. Through multiple variations of the business, we’ve continued to take care of our customers in San Ramon and the surrounding areas.

Today, the fact that we’ve stood the test of time is a testament to our expertise and the loyalty of our customers. When you come to get your car fixed or to shop for parts, you come here for a team that not only knows cars, we know your car. We know which Monroe products will help you get the most of your vehicle.

When you come in during September to take advantage of Shocktober 2, the team at Walt’s will be happy to guide you through the process of selecting new shocks, struts, and other ride control products. We’ll make sure your purchases are eligible for Monroe’s offer and help you deal with the mail-in offer forms.

Whether you’re taking advantage of a special offer on shocks and struts or simply getting a routine inspection, you’ll never stop finding ways that Walt’s Danville Service continues to be your friendly, neighborhood auto shop.

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